Can Guppies Eat Betta Food?

Many aquarium owners mix guppies with other fish species, primarily Bettas. That’s because, aside from sharing similar environmental requirements, they also come with a plus of diversity. Bettas and guppies can get along just fine since they’re both adaptable, friendly, and peaceful fish who enjoy … Can Guppies Eat Betta Food? read more »

How to Stop Guppy Bullying?

Guppies tend to fight and bully each other pretty often. Many beginner guppy keepers, however, don’t realize that since they tend to confuse fighting with playing. Once you learn the guppy’s body language and behavior, their interactions and intentions will become clearer. There are many … How to Stop Guppy Bullying? read more »

Do Guppies Eat Algae?

Guppies eat varied diets, mixing live food and plants and vegetables, depending on their biological requirements. Guppies are tropical, omnivorous fish that thrive on mixed diets, providing them with all the nutrients necessary for growth, health, and breeding prowess. But what plants do guppies like … Do Guppies Eat Algae? read more »

Why Are My Guppies Lethargic?

Most novice guppy keepers are oblivious to the various factors that will influence a guppy’s wellbeing. Your guppy may experience stress, get more aggressive occasionally, look for hiding, and display low energy levels for no apparent reason. But that’s only at first glance. Going in-depth, … Why Are My Guppies Lethargic? read more »

Where Do Guppies Come From?

Guppies are vibrant, freshwater fish originally from the tropical environments of northeastern South America. As you wonder about their origins, you might be surprised to learn that these small fish, often seen darting around home aquariums, have wild roots in diverse ecosystems near the equator. … Where Do Guppies Come From? read more »