Are Guppies Omnivores or Herbivores?

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Guppies are a popular species of pet fish kept in freshwater aquariums. They have beautiful iridescent colorations and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns. This makes them an ideal addition to any fish tank or home aquarium. The question is: are guppies omnivores?

Omnivore vs Herbivore

An omnivore is an animal that eats both plant and animal matter, often scavenging for food items such as insects, worms, small fish, and sometimes even carrion. In contrast, herbivores feed primarily on plant material, like algae or seaweed for example.

This distinction is important when determining the nutritional needs of an animal species; it dictates what kind of diet they should be given in captivity.

Guppy Diet in the Wild

In the wild, guppies favor a diet consisting of small invertebrates such as mosquito larvae and immature aquatic insects. They also feed on algae-based foods and may take advantage of other sources if available – including carnivorous prey items like small fish or even carrion if the opportunity arises.

This suggests that guppies have evolved to become opportunistic omnivores capable of consuming both plant and animal matter when the opportunity arises; this implies they have considerable dietary flexibility and can adapt to different food sources depending on availability.

Are Guppies Omnivores?

Based on their natural diet which includes both plant and animal matter, as well as observations suggesting they are able to exploit various food sources depending on availability; it appears that guppies should be classified as omnivores rather than herbivores.

Studies involving guppy behavior in response to different food sources further support this notion – guppies were frequently observed preying upon smaller organisms such as insect larvae or small closely related fish species.

While not conclusive evidence on its own, these observations do add weight to the argument that guppies are likely omnivorous creatures with considerable dietary flexibility that can take advantage of various food sources when necessary.

Feeding Guppies in Fish Tanks

In their natural habitat, guppies feed on a variety of foods, such as algae, aquatic plants, and invertebrates like worms and insect larvae. This makes them omnivores who eat both plants and animals. In captivity though, the diet of guppies is usually supplemented with commercial foods such as flakes, pellets, and freeze-dried foods.

Types of Food for Guppies in Captivity

The most common type of food for aquarium-kept guppies is flake food, which is usually made from fish meal, plankton and other tasty ingredients like shrimp and worms that guppies love to eat! They also often enjoy eating bloodworms, freeze-dried brine shrimp or other types of freeze-dried aquatic treats.

Another type of food they may eat is pellet food which contains finely ground fishmeal mixed with other natural ingredients like kelp or spirulina algae.

Providing a Balanced Diet for Guppies

Guppies need a balanced diet that provides all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep them healthy and happy! As such it is important to feed your guppy a variety of different foods including some plant matter like spirulina flakes or seaweed sheets alongside their regular meals made up mostly of flakes or pellets.

You should also provide an occasional treat (such as frozen bloodworms) to keep your guppy’s diet varied and interesting!

Here is a detailed guppy feeding schedule for a week, that will help you raise beautiful and healthy guppies:

Day Time Food Amount (grams)
Monday 9:00 AM Flake food 0.5g
Monday 3:00 PM Daphnia 0.2g
Tuesday 9:00 AM Pellets 0.5g
Tuesday 3:00 PM Brine shrimp 0.2g
Wednesday 9:00 AM Flake food 0.5g
Wednesday 3:00 PM Mysis shrimp 0.2g
Thursday 9:00 AM Pellets 0.5g
Thursday 3:00 PM Vegetables (blanched) 0.2g
Friday 9:00 AM Flake food 0.5g
Friday 3:00 PM Daphnia 0.2g
Saturday 9:00 AM Pellets 0.5g
Saturday 3:00 PM Brine shrimp 0.2g
Sunday 9:00 AM Flake food 0.5g
Sunday 3:00 PM Mysis shrimp 0.2g


The answer to the question: Are guppies omnivores or herbivores? is that it depends on their living environment; in the wild they are omnivorous but in captivity, they can be fed both veggie matter and proteins from live prey or fish flakes.

To keep them healthy and happy it is always important to follow a strict feeding schedule with a variety of food sources tailored to their age, gender, and environment.

Updated: February 16, 2023

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