Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis – Can They Live Together?

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Guppies and dwarf gouramis are both very popular fish species that are often bought as community fish. The question is, will these two fish species get along well? We will find this out in this article.

Guppies are one of the most popular species. These small fish are very exciting to look at, but they are also perfect tank mates if you are looking for a peaceful species. They will get along with just about any fish species out there.

Plus, they don’t require too much time and attention from your part, as they are quite hardy. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to care for them, though.

Gouramis, on the other hand, are also very popular fish. They have a lot in common with the guppies; primarily that they are small fish with plenty of character. Their appearance is also very interesting, as they exude plenty of colors and prefer to be in stagnant waters.

Another thing they have in common with the guppies is that they are peaceful and perfect to be used in community tanks.

Let us take a look at some of the features of these two fish species and how they can get along with each other.

Guppies and Gouramis Habitat

Guppies can be found in every continent except from Antarctica. They are found in US Virgin Islands, Brazil, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

They are especially found in slow-moving streams, but are also commonly found in fast-flowing rivers in these areas. Guppies were deemed as being very helpful in controlling the mosquito populations of these areas, and were often introduced to such waters on purpose. Their popularity has spread worldwide.

Dwarf gouramis are populants of slow-moving streams with brackish waters, such as lakes and streams with plenty of vegetation. Mostly, gouramis are located in southern Asia, especially in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but they are also found across southeastern Asia.

Even though those are the natural habitats of the gouramis, they have spread all around the world and are also found in other areas.

Guppies and Gouramis Diet

Guppies are known as not picky eaters, and tend to eat just about anything. In their natural habitat, the guppies tend to eat mosquito larvae and other live foods. Other times, they eat plant and animal matter.

If you keep them in your tank, they can also consume flakes or pellets, which is also the most convenient way to feed them. Another good way to feed them is frozen and dried foods, as well as plant-based foods.

In their natural habitat, their diet isn’t that much different of that of a guppy. They tend to feed on smaller insects such as mosquitoes, as well as larvae and algae.

If you have them in your tank, they can eat a variety of foods; the primary source of their diet can be flakes and pellets, as well as frozen and dried foods. Another way you can feed them is vegetable-based foods such as vegetable tablets and other sources such as algae.

Other Tank Mates for Guppies and Gouramis

The best thing about these two species is the fact that they are very peaceful and get along well with other fish species. That makes them good tank mates, and other similar fish species are perfect to be kept with guppies and gouramis.

They will happily live in a community tank, but you should be wary about which species you keep them with.

Gouramis and guppies will get along really well, but there are plenty other fish species that you can use.

Platies, mollies, swordtails, cory catfish, bristlenose plecos, angelfish, tetras, rasboras, shrimp, snails, and even bettas under specific conditions. This is the great thing about these two – they can get along well with a variety of different fish.

Will Gouramis Attack Guppies?

The general answer is that these species don’t attack each other. They are peaceful and don’t get into each other’s way. There would have to be very specific conditions for them to attack each other.

Generally, and most often, though, they tend to be very happy to be kept together. You can feel safe about having these in the same tank.

In fact, gouramis will get along with all other peaceful fish species. There are many friendly fish species that you can get for gouramis, and you can create a peaceful community of fish.

Will Gouramis Eat Guppy Fry?

They can, especially if it is unprotected. This, however, might not be such a bad thing, as you don’t want guppies to spread too much in the tank. Under certain circumstances, it might happen.

Sometimes, the gouramis can eat the fry. Even guppies themselves can eat their own fry sometimes, which you can prevent by putting the fry into a separate container.

You can also get a breeder net to avoid the fry from getting eaten. It can happen, and usually it will, unless the fry are protected in some way. It is quite a common thing with many fish species.

Are Gourami Fish Aggressive?

No, gourami fish are very peaceful and are very happy to be kept with other peaceful creatures.

However, you should be wary about putting the gouramies next to some aggressive fish species.

The friendly character of the gouramis makes them one of the most popular fish species around.


Guppies and gouramis will get along really well. Most of the time, you won’t have to worry about keeping guppies and gouramis together, and you can prevent aggressiveness of gouramis towards guppy fry by separating the fry.

In general, though, guppies and gouramis are good tank mates and you can create a great relationship between them. In addition, you can always add other peaceful fish species such as tetras and other similar fish, if you want to live it up a bit.

Even snails and shrimp can be considered, and you can have an exciting tank with guppies and gouramis.

Updated: April 7, 2022
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