Endler Guppy vs Fancy Guppy – What are the Differences & Similarities?

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When it comes to guppies, there are hundreds of sub species that you can choose from. None of those species are the same as the other, and they are all unique.

That can, of course, make your decision much harder, but it is this abundance of choice that makes us attracted to the guppy fish.

Endler guppies, or endler’s livebearers, are sub species of the guppy fish that are most often found in South American streams and pools.

They carry this name because they were discovered by John Endler, a Canadian biologist who discovered these fish in 1975 that were considered extinct by then.

Endler’s are most often found in more stagnant waters, compared to other guppies who prefer faster waters, Fancy guppies, or the common guppies, can also be found in hundreds of variations.

They can be found in just about any color, so they can liven up your tank with ease.

But if you want to know how endlers and fancy guppies interact with each other and in what ways they are similar, then you can find all about it in this article.

Difference and Similarities

Endlers are different from other guppy species in many ways. One of the first things we notice is that the appearance of endler’s livebearers is significantly different than that of a fancy guppy.

The body compositions are different to begin with, like the tail – an endler’s tail is composed of two little smaller fins, while the tail of a fancy guppy is much wider and richer in color. Often, the color distribution on their bodies is also different. Endlers are also slightly smaller than common guppies.

If you intend to cross breed fancy and endler guppies, you can, though I strongly advice not to do it. Although the fry of these hybrids might look really interesting, their gene pool will be altered. This might cause health issues and genetic mutations in the long run.

If you want to breed endlers, then you should keep them separately in their own tank and don’t mix them with fancy guppies. Other than that, the endlers are perfect community tank fish due to their peaceful and friendly nature, which is the same with the common guppy.

That is what they do have in common – their behavior and nature are very similar. Both are peaceful, and you won’t have many problems keeping them with other fish.

Both are very similar in terms of maintenance demands and water requirements – a water temperature of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit works best for endlers, while common guppies will do well in such temperatures, maybe slightly warmer.

Both are also adaptable when it comes to diet – flakes and pellets will work best for both, but buy the ones with the sufficient and beneficial nutrients. Also, live foods and frozen foods should also be staples of diets of both fish species.

Endlers and fancy guppies have plenty in common, but they are still not exactly the same. Endlers do vary slightly in appearance and breeding requirements, while they are similar when it comes to behavior and tank requirements.

Can You Keep Endlers and Guppies Together?

Of course, they will get along really well, as they are both peaceful creatures. They will not get into each other’s way, and guppies are always happy if you put more guppies with them.

Of course, guppies are not the only possible tank mates for the endlers.

You can also consider other peaceful fish species, such as mollies, tetras, platies and other similar smaller fish. Endlers and guppies can live together, as they are very similar in many ways, and have similar water requirements.

Can You Crossbreed Endler and Fancy Guppies?

That is a question that many fish keepers ask, and the answer is yes, they can be crossbred. But, as I mentioned earlier, you should not do it.

If you intend to keep these two species together as you want them to breed, you might have success. The offspring of fancy guppies and endler guppies will be hybrids.

There is noting wrong with the hybrids, if you want to conduct an experiment or want to see the results of crossbreeds, but make sure that these hybrids are not released in the wild or not sold to anyone as purely breed guppies.

Popular Endler Guppy Breeds

As you already know, there are hundreds of different variations of endler guppies that you can choose from. Their colors can vary massively, and there is an endless amount of options to choose from.

These little fish can liven your aquarium with their vivid colors, and you can choose between a very varied palette of colors. There are many subspecies and smaller breeds of endlers, and they are all based on different colors.

The most common colors are orange, silver and black, but there are many other color variations. Purple, yellow, even blue is often found on their bodies.

Popular Fancy Guppy Breeds

As with the endlers, there are also hundreds of interesting smaller sub species of guppies that you can choose from. They all vary in colors, and the choice is all yours.

Not only the color, but the color patterns and the tail shapes can vary, and there are endless variations you can choose from.

Some of the most common types of guppies are swamp guppies, veiltail guppies, triangle-tail guppies, fantail guppies, scarftail guppies, double swordtail guppies.

There are also variations of guppies that are based on color patterns, such as the tuxedo, or cobra, or tiger guppies. All in all, there is an endless variety when it comes to guppies.


Guppies and endlers are two of the most popular fish species out there. Despite endlers being a subspecies of guppies, they do have some differences that make the endlers unique.

Updated: April 10, 2022

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