Tuxedo Guppy Fish – Complete Guide

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Tuxedo Guppy fish is one of the more interesting guppy fish species that many people like to have in their tanks. Tuxedo Guppy fish is a variation of the guppy fish. These fish are tropical freshwater fish species that are most commonly seen in freshwater community aquariums.

They make for a very popular choice of guppy fish, because they are relatively easy to care for, especially for beginners, but they are also very active breeders, quite hardy, and don’t require much maintenance at all. Besides, they are omnivores and if you are looking for a fish species that can be kept with other fish, this one is a great choice.

That is mostly due to their peaceful character and non-aggressive behavior, which makes it a great species to mix with other fish. Tuxedo guppies can grow to about 2 inches in size, which is also the average size of guppy fish.

What separates them from the guppy fish is their appearance – their colors are organized like a tuxedo, and the colors on their bodies can vary; they can be blue, red, orange, yellow, grey or black, which makes for some exciting color combinations.

Also, their fins are quite unique. In this article, we will be looking at the complete guide to tuxedo guppy fish – how to care for them, what are some of their specifications, about feeding, breeding, costs, diet, and everything you need to know if you want to own them.

The Origin of Tuxedo Guppies

Tuxedo guppies are named after tuxedos because of the color distribution on their bodies.

The tuxedo guppy fish can actually be found in the wild in South America in tropical mountain streams as well as in brackish rivers.

In the wild these guppies are not available in so many colors. The wide color range of tuxedo guppies that are available in pet stores are man-made.

Cost of Tuxedo Guppies

The cost of tuxedo guppies can differ largely, especially considering the large variety of colors they are found in. In general, the tuxedo guppies are not very expensive.

The majority of tuxedo guppies cost from $3 to $10, depending on their colors and the vendor rates. For example, Yellow Tuxedo Guppies cost around $7, while Neon Blue Tuxedo Guppies go for around $5.

The cost depends on the colors, the popularity of the fish, and also on the size and the stage of growth they are in. For example, some people prefer to buy grown guppy fish, while others want to grow them on their own and buy younger fish. The additional costs that you should consider are the feeding and maintenance costs.

Breeding Tuxedo Guppies for Profit

Like the ordinary guppies, tuxedo guppies are quite active breeders. That means that there is a chance to make a profit on that, if you are into that, of course. It is not hard to breed them; in fact, you don’t need to do much at all to get them breeding. All you need to do is put male and female guppies together to ensure that they have the chance to breed.

What you do with the baby guppies is your own choice, of course. You can decide to sell them for profit, if that is what you want, or you can keep them on their own, for which you will have to limit the population a bit, as guppies can breed in extreme numbers at times.

Obviously, you might need a separate breeding tank, as the fry can get eaten by grown guppies and other fish species. Other than that, you can grow them quite easily if you provide them with proper diet and care.

Tuxedo Guppy Feeding

Regarding the tuxedo guppy diet, they are not very complicated, just like the ordinary guppies. In essence, they are omnivores, so you can expect them to eat a variety of foods. You can base their diet around flakes, but they need to be of very high quality. They can be the staple of their diets.

In addition, you need to keep some variation in their diet. The most favorite food of tuxedo guppies is live foods like bloodworms and shrimp, which you can add at times to keep some variety and to keep them happy. Feed them once or twice a day, but care to not overfeed, as tuxedo guppies can too, suffer from obesity.

Size of Tuxedo Guppies

Like the normal guppies, the tuxedo guppies can grow to about 2 inches in size. In rare cases, they can grow larger, and in some cases, they can be smaller. But the average size is 2 inches.

That makes them perfect community tank fish, as they don’t take up too much space in one’s aquarium. You still need to give each tuxedo guppy about 5 gallons of water, which should be enough for them to live comfortably in your tank.

Tuxedo Guppy Lifespan

The lifespan of a tuxedo guppy can vary, and it largely depends on the maintenance and care they receive, as well as stress levels and diet quality. To maximize the potential, make sure that you buy high-quality foods, take proper care of them, provide weekly maintenance, and minimize stress levels.

If you can ensure all of those things and make the most of them, a tuxedo guppy can live for 2 years or more. Mostly, they will last for about 2 years before dying, but some users have reported longer life spans of tuxedo guppies.

Best Water Parameters for Tuxedo Guppies

As we have already mentioned, tuxedo guppies are tropical fish that desire to live in slightly warmer waters. The ideal temperature for the tuxedo guppy tank is about 77 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 27 degrees Celsius), but they are very adaptable fish, which they have learned through their natural habitat and the weather changes they can endure.

In general, they can live in temperatures below that, but when they are breeding, you need to keep the levels higher. You might need a heater to achieve that. As for the ph range, it should be from 7.8 to 8, but it can be at a neutral point as well.

Tank Size for Tuxedo Guppies

When we look at tank sizes, we must know how much one tuxedo guppy requires. They can grow to about 2 inches, which is very similar to ordinary guppies. So, they require about 5 gallons of water per fish, but it is not the best if you keep just one tuxedo guppy. They prefer to live in groups, so it is probably recommended to have bigger tanks – for example, if you have 4 tuxedo guppies, you can have 20 gallons or more.

Tuxedo Guppy Tank Mates

Tuxedo guppies are very adaptable fish that can live with many fish species due to their friendly nature. In general, the best tank mates for them are more guppies, but they can easily live with the majority of other smaller and peaceful fish – tetras, mollies, platies, gouramis, corydoras are all good tank mates.


Tuxedo Guppy fish is one of the most unique and beautiful species of guppies that you can get. Provide them with good care and they will be one of the best community freshwater species that you can get.

Updated: April 7, 2022
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