20 Cool Aquarium Decorations for Guppy Fish Tanks


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Looking to add a wow effect to your guppy aquarium? Want to create something unique? Beyond plants and substrates, there are many cool aquarium decorations that can make your guppy fish tank stand out.

I too enjoy having an interesting aquarium that is not only easy on the eye, but it’s also functional for my fish.

In what follows below, you can marvel at 20+ cool aquarium decoration ideas for your tank:

1. Undersea Treasure Chest Diver

Setting up an aquarium for a kid? This treasure chest with a diver comes in two color variations and adds a touch of mystery to your tank.

It’s made of premium resin and plastic, this is a non-toxic, pollution-free decoration that’s safe for your fish.

The treasure chest requires an air pump, which creates motion and an entertaining scene in your tank.

In a bottomless tank, you’ll need 1-2 suction cups to secure the decoration in place. If you’re using a sand or gravel substrate, simply put some gravel or sand in and around the chest to make it stay down.


2. Ancient Rock Face House Exotic Aquarium Ornament

Evoking the beauty and mystery of Cambodian temples, this aquarium decoration will beautifully complement any guppy fish tank.

The decoration has 6 openings, which can act as a good cover for your fish as it allows them to swim in and through, hide or play.

The decoration is made of resin and it’s odorless and non-toxic. The base of the decoration is flat and it’s heavy enough to stand in the tank steadily.

The exotic feel and attention to details make this decoration a good choice for a guppy fish tank.

The openings are wide enough for small fish to swim in and out without getting stuck inside.


3. YSLDSNX Aquarium Ornament

This handmade decoration looks like a hobbit house straight out of the Lord of the Rings.

It has a great lifelike look, creating and ideal hiding spot for fish that enjoy having some cover in their aquarium.

Made of environmentally friendly material — resin — this aquarium ornament is non-polluting, it doesn’t fade and it isn’t toxic for your fish.

It’s easy to clean, a simple rinse is enough. It’s also heavy enough to not require any additional tool to secure it.

Mind you that this is a large decoration that isn’t designed for very small aquariums, so make sure to check its size.


4. SLOCME Aquarium Air Bubbler Decoration

This resin air bubbler looks like Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The cute figurine is sturdy enough to stand on its own and should be used with an air pump.

The resin material is not toxic for your fish and makes it easy for you to clean and maintain it.

The Groot-like figurine that stands at 2.7 x 2.7 x 4.7 inches is suitable for small to medium-sized aquariums.

To use it as an air bubbler, you need to connect it to an air pump via airline tubing, both of which you’ll need to purchase separately.

As for the air pump, I recommend getting the Tetra Whisper air pump for efficient and silent water circulation.


5. Sunyiny Ancient Tunnel Ruins Ornaments

With its dimensions of 5.5 x 4.7 x 4.3 inches, this ancient aquarium tunnel is a perfect fit for a guppy fish tank.

The resin-made head statue is made of durable materials that won’t harm your fish and won’t leach into the water.

It can be used for water currents but even on its own as part of a themed aquarium.

It’s suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums and there’s no need to anchor it as it’s sturdy enough to stay put.


6. Penn Plax Spongebob Aquarium Decorations Set

If you or your kid is a Spongebob fan, this aquarium decoration set contains 10 pieces that are made after the characters in Spongebob.

You’ll get to enjoy characters such as Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Sandy, and Squidward.

The ornaments are made of safe durable resin and you can place them in marine or freshwater tanks.

The set also includes a Pineapple House, Easter Isle House and Krusty Krab.

The heavier items of the set (the houses) will stay put without anchoring, however, some of the smaller characters will require anchoring so they don’t get knocked over or otherwise displaced by your fish.

These aquarium ornaments will look great in a 10 gallons and above aquarium, without making the aquarium look crowded.


7. Penn Plax Paw Patrol (Officially Licensed) Mini Aquarium Ornaments 4Piece Gift Set

Another cool aquarium ornament set for your little ones to enjoy is this 4-piece set with the characters from Paw Patrol.

Meet Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Skye, the cutest members of any patrol ever.

These resin-made characters embrace the aquatic theme themselves as they’re featured wearing clothes and equipment related to aquatic activities.

You can decorate your aquarium safely with these little pups and create a cartoon themed aquarium that both your guppies and kids will enjoy.

These aquarium decorations are exclusively and officially licenced by the makers of this cartoon.


8. M2cbridge Small Aquarium Tank Decorations

Imitating an oldtimer covered in moss, this decoration is perfect for those aquarists that are creating mossy landscapes.

The wrecked car covered in moss imitation can be used eved as a bubbler to create water current, if attached to an air pump.

With non-fading colors and sizes suitable for small to medium tanks, this aquarium decoration is perfect for bettas, snails, guppies, catfish, and other small fish.


9. Hewnda Artificial Dinosaur Skull Skeleton Ornament

This dinosaur skeleton tank decoration is an odorless and safe resin-made ornament that can be used as is or as a bubbler.

If you’re looking to set up a dinosaur themed guppy tank, this decoration can be a good addition.

Because it has some sharp edges here and there, you may want to avoid putting this in while your fish are still small, or you could file some of these edges if you’re looking to add it to a tank with small fish.

The skull is easy to maintain, all you must do is to give it a good rinse. The material is not toxic to your fish and you can use it in any aquarium.


10. Sunyiny Aquarium Decorations Head Sculpture

This elaborate head sculpture is suited for large aquariums considering its dimensions (7.7*5.5*11.2inch).

Since this decoration is heavy enough, it needs no anchoring and it will not float around in the tank.

This aquarium decoration does not produce algae, however, the sculpture is elaborated so that it mimics a moss-covered sculpture.

There are two openings in the back and headdress, which allows fish to swim in and out freely and hide for cover if needed.

I recommend or for aquariums of 10 gallons or bigger.


11. Alwaysuc Pavilion Tree Fish Tank Decoration

This tank decoration from Alwaysuc adds color and vibrancy to your aquarium, and contributes to creative aquascaping designs.

Beyond being a pretty item in your aquarium, it can also offer cover to fish thanks to its arched bridge design.

Despite its bright and vibrant colors, this decoration is made of fish-safe resin that won’t cause toxicity issues and won’t leach into the water.

You can use it in a freshwater aquarium to create an aquarium with a natural landscape vibe and will do just fine even in a saltwater tank. Considering its size, I would recommend it for smaller aquariums.


12. Miracliy Resin Broken Barrel Aquarium Decorations

Available in different sizes and colors, this resin barrel decoration can be an interesting addition to a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

The broken barrel with details imitating moss growing on it gives a timeless vibe to any aquarium, allowing you to create imaginative landscapes.

The high quality resin makes sure that the product is safe for your fish and won’t leach any undesirable pollutants or harmful substances into the water.

The holes in the barrel allow your fish to swim through and play or hide in the barrel itself. The barrel has a flat bottom, it doesn’t require anchoring and it can be placed into the aquarium without it floating away.


13. Penn Plax Hideaway Pipes Aquarium Decoration

If moss-like textures are your jam, this Penn Plax decoration offers a great hiding space to your fish and contributes to aquascapes that imitate the green vibrancy of real moss.

The stacked design and the holes in the ornament provides hiding spaces to fish that require more solitude or they can be simply an interesting ground for play.

The poly-resin material that the pipes are made of, ensure that this product is safe for your fish.


14. Blue Ribbon PET Products

This sunken WWII plane evokes the mystery of the deep seas. This is a small ornament that’s most suited for small tanks.

There is a hole on the side of the ornament, which is rather small, so baby fish can go in an out, but larger fish won’t fit through.


15. Penn Plax Castle Aquarium Decoration

If you’re looking for a truly cool aquarium decoration, this beautiful castle perched on a mountain with cone-shaped roofs and archways will steal the show in any aquarium.

Because of its dimensions of 12.8 inches across by 14.8 inches high by 8 inches deep, this is a decoration best suited for larger aquariums.

Its double-sided design allows placement anywhere in the tank, without being detrimental to its overall impact and visual appeal.

Hand-painted for extra detail, the castle is made of durable and aquarium-safe resin. It can be combined with other castle themed decorations.


16. Tfwadmx 2Pcs Decaying Trunk Aquarium Ornament

Next in my list of cool aquarium decorations, check out these two pieces of decaying trunk ornaments that are made of 100% natural resin.

The decoration is completely safe for all aquatic pets, including those that sometimes chew at driftwood.

Because there are holes in the driftwood, small fish can use it for breeding, hiding, or simply just resting in a covered, darker environment.


17. Fish Tank Decorations Aquarium Volcano Decorations

Suitable for aquariums between 5 to 55 gallons, this volcano decoration has well earned its place into this list of cool aquarium decorations.

Used together with an air stone or air pump, it can be used as a bubbler and if you want to create the imagery of an erupting volcano, you can do so with an LED spotlight, which, unlike the air stone and air pump, is included with the kit.

The volcano ornament is heavy enough that it will stay in the water and won’t float away or get knocked over by your fish.


18. JunBo Aquarium Submersible Light LED Decoration

If you want a genuinely interesting bubbler in your aquarium, then this submersible LED decoration can be connected with an airline tube to an air pump for a cool and colorful bubbling effect.

Using various colors (white/blue/red/purple/yellow/green/seven), you can create visually striking landscapes. The sand table is corrosion resistant, heat and cold resistant.


19. Natural Slate Stone 3 to 5 inch Rocks

Naturally colored and all-round natural slate stones will add a touch of realism to any aquarium, terrarium, or vivarium.

You can use these 3 to 5 inch rocks to build elaborate landscapes, caverns or caves, or any other structure you need for your aquatic landscapes.

Be advised that sharp edges may exist, especially if you break down the stone into smaller pieces but as a fairly soft type of stone, any sharp edges can be filed.


20. BTSD-home Aquarium Fish Tank Artificial Aquatic Plant Decorations

Available in two different sizes and multiple styles, the vibrant colors of these artificial plants will add a touch of life to any tank without the maintenance that comes with natural plants.

The ceramic base helps secure the plants to the bottom of the aquarium, while the plastic material of the plants is non-toxic and don’t affect the pH of the water in any way.



You have unlimited options when it comes to cool aquarium decorations that can infuse your aquarium with more color, life and adventure, all the while providing your fish a new and more interesting environment.

I hope you’ll find an aquarium ornament to your liking or you’ll be inspired to create your own cool aquatic decorations.

Updated: October 8, 2021
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